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Gerecycled vrachtwagenzeil

Een tas van hergebruikte vrachtwagenzeilen is duurzame keuze. Het materiaal is supersterk en heeft een tweede leven gekregen. Bovendien is zo'n tas altijd uniek, want geen twee exemplaren van een model zijn hetzelfde.

Er is keuze uit vele kleuren en prints, zodat iedereen - man of vrouw - de tas kan kiezen die bij hem of haar past.

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From truck tarpaulin to bag: 100% sustainable & recycling

This MoreThanHip collection is made from used truck tarpaulin, which are discarded on the road after many years of service. These tarpaulin sails are usually too good for the landfill or incinerator and are ideal for a second life as a designer bag.

Sturdy and unique
You can often clearly see that the tarpaulin has been used and that gives the bags its sturdy look. Because the bags are made from recycled sails, none of these bags is exactly the same.

When designing the bags of truck tarpaulins, both the robustness of the construction, the ease of use and an attractive appearance stand central. For example, there is a lot of attention for the use of colour: the application of both visual features and colour accents.

Upcycling in optima forma
For this collection we work together with a studio where discarded sails are transformed into new bags. This is mainly traditional handicraft.

First the material is cleaned. Followed by the selection of the pieces that are most fun on the front of the bag. The next step is to cut the banners to size using patterns. Ultimately the bag itself is put together.

Other recycled materials are also used in these bags. For instance, the shoulder straps are used seat belts. In some models, bicycle inner tubes are also used to strip edges and air bags for the lining of bags.

Splashproof and wear-resistant
In addition to the rugged appearance, truck tarpaulin is also very practical material. It is waterproof, so that the bags can’t be soaked with rain or splashing water. And it is very strong and not very sensitive to wear. So you have a long time to enjoy.

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